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While nothing can really beat what you capture straight out of the camera,sometimes it's nice to add a little zazz or incorporate a certain style that would be near impossible using filters and technique alone.

Today we're going to look at a few of our top Photoshop actions over at Gra...

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In this two-part tutorial, I created a magical photo illustration that race òf animals : Elephant - Dogs.

In the process, we will show you how to not only shoot the photos that you need, but also, how to retouch them and combine them with stock photos to create artwork that closely r...

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Neon's are a great way to feature a title, logo or any other text, and in this tutorial we learn how to transform a simple piece of text into an unbelievable glowing neon, complete with wall mounts and a brick wall to hold it up.

Neons were invented by accident over 300 years ago when a ...

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This lesson shows you how to hold and move your camera, to replicate the shots achieved with complex gear such as cranes and dollies.

Rather than going for the wobbly handheld look, you can combine pans and tilts with height changes and pushes, to create complex camera moves. This approa...

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